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  Beijing Kam Chak Garment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, formerly belonging to Singapore, wholly foreign-owned enterprises, registered capital of 3000000, the company located in the cultural, political as the center of the ancient capital of Beijing, the existing staff of 290 people, the company has strong design strength, is a set design, production, marketing, distribution and retail one of the senior brand clothing company.



  She is a classic brand, is also a creative furnace, Max ferrie represents a state of life, understanding also represents the multicultural and the aesthetic value.
Max Faerie (Max Ferry) was born in seventy in Singapore, has a low profile and highly feared the elegant style, full of vitality of the brand spirit and founder of LUNINER professional values. She to the superb technology will be low-key luxury brand throughout always. Max Faerie style is the experience of different sublimation, inherited from theseventy's Singapore most cultural brands

of color.Designers bring good taste and constantly improve the harmony of nature and classic. Max Faerie operation is not only the garments, but the brand culture and philosophy, promotion is not just style, is more a way of life, the concept of a dress.